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BRS accreditation is U.S. based governmental tripartite authority, a public trust. Accreditation provided for third-party services including certification, inspection and validation to a dignify purpose. BRS has chosen international accreditation as granted by a U.S. based tripartite governmental authorities as it follows internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) international conventions. And chosen its is the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) Accreditation - Recognition Platform. To the effect of accreditation, the BRS world Regions may complement accreditation by chosen local accreditation, regardless the legally binding Charter of the GOB prevails. This provides an opportunity to client-organizations to experience excellence as part of given supply chain. Et al, our authority to carryout accredited certification, validation and inspection derives a USA-based public trust.

Regardless, our based-accreditation requires that we adhere to legal-statutes, regulations and contractual agreements. And requires that we adhere to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust legal statues and regulations, as these are expectations to the purpose to protect communities and consumers.

Fundamentally, accreditation means that BRS assessments are carryout through oversight by a legal authoritative platform that assess third-party service providers. The GOB Accreditation Platform, a Public Trust, reiterating, is a governmental tripartite entity with authoritative to assess and approve consumer-centric programs including validation, certification, laboratories and inspection programs. An accredited Public Trust requires adherence to laws and regulations whether USA or the country wherein we operate and needs be within a legal framework of antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust. This governmental tripartite authority provides valuable trust within the free market to regulators and consumers worldwide. Also, Public Trust based accreditation is a factual contributor to the reduction of risks and sets forth an unsurpassable confidence level as scrutiny in the services that we render in continuance that assure objectiveness, impartiality and competence onto proficiency; and as a Public Trust the GOB accredited third-party services provider adherence to the legal framework that includes antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust, and that we equally require from client-organizations.

  • To this effect, client-organizations are free to elect accredited certification bodies, such as BRS among thousands others. This provides adherence to international conventions, with the added benefits of an openly dignify purpose, without having to join special interests.
  • We note herein that not all accreditation are the same and may vary significantly from others, thereof each BRS Region worldwide may equally elect to acquire local accreditation complementing current GOB Public Trust accreditation, we reiterate. This is one of the reasons for BRS to choose an accreditation platform with the option for our world regions to acquire local accreditation on the basis of protection to communities and consumers exercising due-care based laws and regulations under international conventions. We honor and value legal obligations and regulatory compliance of each sovereign nation as those in the U.S.

Further, a Public Trust, GOB, accreditation enable us a cost-effective yet unsurpassable integrity programs with a community and consumer protection purpose. As we have reviewed our accreditation agreements, and upon decision of the Board of Corporate Officers, since 2009 the Board of Directors agreed to provide worldwide reach through the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) accreditation; consequently, reiterating, we no longer provide worldwide as we transparently transfer from Raad voor Accreditatie (RvA) accreditation. Since then each BRS region is free to choose and acquire local accreditation to complements GOB accreditation for a global reach with local understanding. For more information on accreditation visit

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