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healthcare_brsQuality Healthcare System (QHCS) provides for the application of regulations within the framework of best-in-class quality. The need to provide a quality in healthcare attestation and certification is a means to establish, implement, update, maintain and improve based regulatory obligations, contractual requirements and patient expectations. Hospitals, clinics and patient care services benefit from setting targets and goals leading onto improvements in patient care and expectations, improve processes (wait time, laboratory interactive services...), prevent - reduce - eliminate malpractice incident, which translate onto:

  • Operate applying best viable practices in accordance to regulations,
  • Adherence to policies and procedures,
  • Healthcare services master history and record filling including patient privacy such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act),
  • Performance reviewing of competence of healthcare providers,
  • Hazards and Risk analysis, improve certainty in services,
  • Healthcare patient reporting, pre - during - post individual healthcare,
  • Prompt and effective mitigative actions,
  • Economically viable and best available technology studies, and
  • Other key indicators helpful to establishing a best-in-class healthcare,

The fundamentals and basis for QHCS is current consumer-centric based regulations as well as other internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmarks in adhering to legal obligations and regulations. BRSTM certifications carry the backing of accreditation through a Public Trust for a purpose to protect the patient community. Adherence to local regulations is require to achieve the instrument of certification (e.g. HIPAA, 21 CFR 11 Electronic Signature)

In Europe, Euro Asia, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East & North Africa the need to BRSTM helpful programs such as Quality Healthcare System leads byway of attestation and certification. In hospitals, clinics and outpatient care providers physicians, nurses, emergency response personnel as well as the community help identify activities and process updates, enhancements and improvements at world class-levels in general or specialized patient care, as these need adherence to local regulations.



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